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Without proper knowledge regarding carpet cleaning solutions, it becomes really hard to come in terms with the best cleaning procedure. Well, this is not the case, when the name of the company is a reliable one, like us. You must come in terms with the procedures of our company, in order to adapt with the working procedure of Atlanta carpet cleaning. For the primary step, we will follow the pre-inspection procedure. Here, our professionals are going to judge the present condition of the carpet and will apply the solutions accordingly. If the carpet is old, steam solution seems to be the best option, so far.

At Eco Tech, we know how even a small stain on your carpet can make a whole room instantly feel less appealing. Luckily, when you need carpet cleaning in the Northwest Atlanta area, our team at Eco Tech are ready to apply the latest carpet
cleaning techniques to improve the look of your carpet and the entire room. No
matter what size stain or mark you have on your carpet, turn to Eco Tech to remove it effectively and quickly.

Small Stains Have a Big Impact

We’ve all done it: spilled a splash of wine, dropped food from our plates, trusted a child or a pet just a little too much on our carpet. The stain left behind could be
small, but it happens. And once that small stain sets in, it is often all we see when we walk through the room. We have thought about strategically placed plants or
furniture to hide the stain, and maybe we’ve scrubbed at the stain ourselves to no avail.
Instead of trying to hide the stain or fight it yourself, contact us. Our team of carpet cleaning experts knows the best techniques to lift virtually any stain from your
carpet, and our supervisors make sure your work is completed efficiently and on
time. We can restore the beauty of your carpet no matter where you live in the Northwest Atlanta area.

High Traffic Areas Make the Whole House Look Worn

Grime, dirt and muddy footprints take their toll on carpets, and their impact is most obvious on the paths you and your family walk the most. Even new carpets lose
their attractiveness quickly in areas such as entryways, hallways and other popular areas.
Let Eco Tech help you return the luster of your worn carpet in these high traffic
areas. Our state of the art cleaning methods improve the appearance of almost any carpet, including high pile carpets.

No Job is Too Large

Of course, stains and traffic wear can accumulate all around your home over time. In these cases, a full room or full house carpet cleaning can unify the look of your
carpet and return the entire space to its former beauty all at once.
You might think of renting a carpet cleaner from your local home improvement
store to clean such a large part of your carpet, but the work involved in cleaning
your whole carpet may sound rather daunting. You’re right. Unless you are a
professional carpet cleaner, a full carpet cleaning can be a real struggle to complete.
That’s why you need experts. No matter how big the area of carpet you need
cleaned, we at Eco Tech can help. We offer top quality carpet cleaning throughout Northwest Atlanta, and are ready to take care of your home so you don’t have to.

Let the Eco Team Get Your Carpet Clean
Regardless of the size or magnitude of your carpet cleaning needs, let our team of
experts at Eco Tech help you improve the look of your carpet. To get started, request a free quote today.


Do you use area rugs in your home to warm up the look and feel of a hardwood or
tile floor? Or maybe you have added an area rug over your wall to wall carpet to
protect the carpet or add visual appeal to the room. No matter why you use area
rugs in your home, you probably have noticed that your area rugs attract dirt and
stains quickly. You need safe carpet cleaning for your area rugs. We at Eco Tech can help.

Carpet Cleaning: Better Than Spot Cleaning
When you notice smaller stains and spills on your area rug, you may be tempted to clean your rug by hand. Unfortunately, unlike most wall to wall carpets, not all area rugs are constructed with the durability to withstand traditional home carpet
cleaning solutions or harsh scrubbing. In fact, by trying to clean up stains, dirt or
grime on your area rug using home cleaning tools, you could cause the colors in
your rug to run or even damage a delicate rug beyond repair.
Instead of attempting to clean your area rug on your own, let our talented team of experts analyze the unique makeup of your specific rug and provide advice to help you make the right choice for getting your area rug clean without causing harm to it.

Professional Protection for Your Investment
Professional carpet cleaning is especially important for high priced, hand tufted and high knapp area rugs. When you have decided to invest several hundred or even
thousands of dollars in a high quality area rug for your space, you must entrust its
care to experts who know how to treat such valuable fabrics and dyes.
We at Eco Tech are your best choice for cleaning top of the line area rugs. Whether you need us to clean a modern, trendy area rug or an antique rug, trust us to treat
your cleaning needs with the attention to detail you deserve.

Top Quality Cleaning for All Types of Rugs
Regardless of the price point at which you bought your home’s area rug, different types of area rugs require completely different techniques to get them clean without damaging the rugs. A wool rug, for example, may require different temperature and chemical considerations than, say, a soft chenille or rugged cotton rug. If you are
unaware of the specific needs for your area rug when you try to clean it at home,
you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to the rug.
Instead of risking such damage to your area rug, let our expert carpet cleaning team at Eco Tech assess your area rug’s specific cleaning needs and deliver the top quality service you deserve.

Get a Quote and Schedule Your Appointment Today
Are you ready to get your area rug back into the best condition possible? To get
started, request a free quote or contact our experts today to schedule your area rug cleaning. You will be glad you did.

In our humid, warm Atlanta environment, tile floors and grout are
particularly hard to keep free of dirt. For tile cleaning you can count on, turn to us at Eco Tech to get your floors sparkling quickly and efficiently.

Lots of Foot Traffic? No Problem
In many homes in the Atlanta area, tile floors handle some of the heaviest foot traffic. From entryways to kitchens, mud rooms to bathrooms, tile floors see most of your daily movements throughout the home. Because of the wear on the tile and grout in these spaces, professional tile cleaning is even more important than

Our team at Eco Tech takes advantage of the latest steam cleaning technology to
deliver top notch cleaning for your tile floors and grout. So, through our cutting edge cleaning methods we can improve the look of even the most used areas of your

Intricate Tile Work Needs Special Attention
Thanks to the warm weather here in the Atlanta area, tile flooring is a viable option for most homes. Because of the natural warmth of the ground beneath the flooring, many home developers have made use of tile in creative ways to add visual interest to homes. In doing so, some designers created complex patterns and used oddly shaped, painted or vintage tiles to make their homes stand out in the real
estate market.

While these intricate tiles and patterns are beautiful and add visual appeal to your home, they often are more difficult to clean than larger, more uniform tile work.
Plus, the extra corners allow extra dirt to get caught. So, to make the most of your
tile flooring and the grout that keeps it in place, professional tile cleaning is a sound investment.
Our experts at Eco Tech care about the aesthetics of your tile work and dedicate
themselves to enhancing the look of your tile work. Count on us to keep your floors looking great.

Clean Grout Makes a Clean Look
While tile gets most of the attention during the home design phase, clean grout
makes a world of difference for long term maintenance of your tile floors. Plus, you want to keep the original color of your grout intact for years to come, which can be tricky when you try to clean your tile floors using home cleaning products and
methods that tend to emphasize chemical treatments.
Instead of running the risk of ruining the grout on your floors, let our group of tile cleaning experts tackle your floors. Instead of scrubbing or using harsh chemicals, our team employs steam cleaning technology to get both your grout and your tile
looking great.

Get Your Tile Cleaning Quote Today
Whether you need a quick tile cleaning or have concerns about ground in dirt, let our experts at Eco Tech work quickly to restore the beauty of your tile floors at a price that fits your budget. To start the process, request a quote or call one of our experts today.

Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you know that one walk across the
floor in a pair of white socks can show you just how easily those floors can get dirty. Luckily, Eco Tech is a trustworthy carpet cleaning company that also specializes in
hardwood floor cleaning in the Atlanta area

Maintain Your Floor’s Elegance without Breaking Your Back
With hardwood floors, a daily routine of sweeping is common. To get your floor
truly clean and grime free, however, you need to employ powerful cleaning methods that cut through the dirt and lift it not only from the flooring but also from the
crevices between your floorboards.
Of course, you can choose to use old fashioned methods such as hand scrubbing and polishing your hardwood floors. But with your jam packed schedule and competing priorities, chances are your time would be better spent doing other things than
manually scrubbing your floors.
That’s where we at Eco Tech can help. Our Eco Tech team of flooring experts is
ready to take this hard work off your plate so you can invest your energy in the
things that matter most to you.

Gentle Cleaning for All Types of Hardwood Floors
Hardwood flooring comes in all sorts of shapes, tones and types of wood. Some
woods are soft and permeable, lending themselves to wear that develops a homey feeling over time, while other woods are rigid and polished to prevent even the slightest dent. Likewise, hardwood flooring varies in the amount of wood grain that shows through, how much stain changes the natural appearance of the wood and whether top coats affect the finish on the wood.

Unfortunately, most hardwood floor cleaners and products available to consumers do not consider these vast variations in flooring. So, cleaners are capable of causing damage to the floors and their finish instead of getting the floors clean. Even simple cleaning tools such as wet cleaning cloths can harm the top coat and wood that make up your floors.

We at Ecotech avoid using such chemicals on your hardwood floors. Instead, we use the latest steam cleaning technology available to deep clean your hardwood floors and lift dirt and grime from your floors and crevices.

One Stop Shopping for All Your Flooring Needs
Most home owners who have hardwood floors in their homes also use wall to wall carpeting or area rugs in some parts of their homes. If you have hardwood and carpeting in your home, count on Eco Tech to provide comprehensive hardwood and carpet cleaning cleaning company services to take throughout the Atlanta area. We are the best carpet cleaning company to take care of all your floors at the same time.

Get Top Notch Cleaning for Your Home Today
Let Eco Tech be your go to resource for all your floor cleaning needs. Request a quote today or contact one of our experts to discuss your unique needs. We are ready to make your home feel like new at a budget you can afford.

If you have a dog, cat or other pet, chances are their scent, fur or maybe even accidents inside can wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your floors. To lift these pet odors from your carpet or hardwood floors, turn to Eco Tech as your go to carpet cleaning company in the Northwest Atlanta area.

How Pet Odor Gets Stuck in Your Floors
When your pet lays on the floor in your home, the oils from her coat work their way into the fibers of your carpet. Likewise, your pet’s dander- the dead skin that flakes off naturally from your pet – gets trapped in your carpet, area rug and the crevices of your floorboards. The fur your pet sheds every day also contributes to odors in your home. Of course, your pet’s occasional accidents, hairballs or spit up add to the cacophony of pet smells inside your house.
You may not notice these smells in your daily life. But when you are expecting guests you should consider professional cleaning services to remove the odors before you open your home to entertain others

Yes, We at Eco Tech Can Get Rid of That Urine Smell For Good
Of all possible pet odors, the most pungent and long lasting is urine. Once a pet
relieves himself on your carpet or hardwood floor, the scent from that accident
remains in the carpet pad or sometimes even the subflooring. Even when you think you have cleaned the spot of the accident thoroughly, your pet can still smell the odor of the urine and is likely to return to that spot to urinate indoor again.
To lift the pervasive smells of pets in your home and stop the pattern of indoor
urination, you need help from a professional carpet cleaning service. In the Northwest Atlanta Area, we at Echo Tech are among the best at providing pet odor removal services for all your flooring needs.

Custom Solutions for You and Your Pets
Many of our customers have multiple kinds of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits and more. Our carpet cleaning specialists at Eco Tech understand that your pets are your family, and we want to help you develop a cleaning regimen that makes sense both for you and for your pets. For example, we emphasize cleaning methods such as
steam cleaning that minimize your pet’s exposure to potentially irritating chemicals, especially chemical residue on the floors on which they lay and sit each day. Our
years of experience helping people in the Atlanta area with the pet odors in their homes makes us a great choice as your carpet cleaning company.

Let Us Help You with Pet Odors in Your Home Today
Our experts are ready to help you build a customized cleaning plan to help you rid your home of pet odors. Request a free quote from us today or call one of our team members today to schedule your appointment.

You have cleaned your home diligently. You have vacuumed and swept your floors and rugs, had one of our teams from Eco Tech come out to clean your floors, kept up with daily dusting chores and everyday cleanup. Yet, your home still doesn’t smell its best. So, where is that musty, dusty smell coming from? Believe it or not, you
most likely need upholstery cleaning services. In the Atlanta area, our team
at Eco Tech is your best option for upholstery and draperies cleaning, as well as the rest of your flooring and carpet cleaning needs.

Household Smells Get Stuck in the Couch
When we think about dirt, stains and smells in our home, we often neglect the
everyday objects in the home that absorb the brunt of our daily activities. Yet, we sit on our fabric couches and easy chairs every day, we sit at upholstered dining room chairs to eat. So, these fabrics soak up smells throughout the house, from the burned food smell that fills
the kitchen occasionally to the oils and dirt from our own bodies each day.

Our team at Eco Tech can help you complete the regular upholstery maintenance you need to keep your home looking and smelling great. Let us address the fabric cleaning you require throughout your home to refresh your entire space.

Your Upholstery Deserves Special Treatment
If you are like most people, you use your vacuum’s handy upholstery and crevice tools to pick up the worst of the dust and crumbs on your draperies and furniture. Sadly, that hard work is only half the battle.

Upholstery is made of specialized fabrics that require regular deep cleaning to optimize their performance and cleanliness. We at Eco Tech are well versed in the complexities of caring for a vast variety of such fabrics, including those with stain guard or other high tech materials. We know how to care for all sorts of fabrics. So, you can trust our team to deliver top quality service that protects the longevity of your furniture and leaves your home feeling in top condition.

Build a Custom Cleaning Plan with Eco Tech
Because Eco Tech is a full service carpet, hardwood, area rug and upholstery and draperies cleaning company, we are able to work with you to provide a complete solution to help you maintain the beauty of your Jackssnville, FL a!’eiil home. We can customize your plan to work on several issues during the same visit, which may save you money compared to separate contracts with companies to address each of your unique cleaning needs.

Get Closer to a Clean Home Today
If you are interested in learning more about how our specialists at Eco Tech can serve your personalized home cleaning requirements, contact one of our experts or request a free quote today. We look forward to working with you to satisfy all your cleaning needs.

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. You might have issues with flooding, a sick pet, a kitchen fire, mud tracked into your home the day before an important dinner party or a thousand other issues. Whatever emergency issue you are facing, we at Eco Tech can help you handle your carpet cleaning, upholstery, draperies, rug cleaning and more,in Atlanta.

What to Do When You Require an Emergency Services Visit
The idea of an emergency is different for each customer with whom we work. If you consider the issue to be an emergency, we at Eco Tech are willing to work with you to resolve it as efficiently as we can.
When you contact one of the experts at Eco Tech for an emergency services visit, be sure to identify immediately the fact that you are coping with an emergency. This way, we can address your situation with the urgency you deserve and assign our resources accordingly to meet your expectations.
Also, be ready to describe the details of the issues at hand. This way, we can send the right team of experts to address your troubles quickly and effectively. Of course, have the address and contact information ready to share as well.

How Eco Tech Can Help in Your Next Emergency
When you are in the midst of a panicked situation, you like to know you can count on your carpet cleaning company to provide as many services as possible at the same time to resolve your emergency quickly. Our expert supervisors at Eco Tech are prepared to handle many such issues in Atlanta, including the following:

  1. Carpet cleaning services: Our carpet cleaning specialists can address a plethora of issues, from minor flooding to major stains.
  2. Area rug cleaning services: When our cleaning experts resolve the issues you are having with your area rug, you can trust that they will take the utmost care of your rug’s delicate construction and dyes.
  3. Hardwood flooring cleaning services: Our hardwood cleaning techs keep a calm head in the face of emergencies that could harm your hardwood floors. Just as they do in normal circumstances, they concentrate on getting the most out of the style of flooring you have while getting the floors as clean as possible.
  4. Upholstery and draperies emergency care: Many emergency services calls involve troubles with upholstery. Rest assured that our team of experts can address your needs while protecting your furniture and other property.

Contact Eco Tech Right Now to Solve Your Emergency Issue
For immediate attention to your emergency, call Eco Tech as soon as possible at 678-427-4345. Please be prepared to describe the issues you are facing, including the urgency of the issues, the turnaround time in which you require resolution to the issues and as many details as you can offer regarding the troubles you are facing.
We are the right carpet cleaning company to help you address your emergency issues in Atlanta, and we look forward to serving you.

EcoTech provides residential and commercial pressure washing services. Contact us today!

Other Steps To Follow

For the next step, our professionals will follow pre-vacuum measures, where commercial vacuum will be used in order to remove the bonded products. The furnishing items will get removed under strict guidance and proper care, without hampering the quality. Make sure to evacuate the house, before the professionals start their work. This will give them time to settle their products and start the cleaning procedure accordingly. We are always happy to help you.